sterling with girlfriendOh my goodness….the things we learn about if the television is on.

The television is on sometimes at my house.

You should see all the cartoons that Netflix says I might like.

I know that somebody is watching some cartoons in my house…and it’s not always me.

Netflix wouldn’t suggest all this children’s programming if it was just me watching the television.

I can’t see that happening.

Here’s a picture from one of the stories that came on the television.

(Netflix had nothing to do with this story.)

This guy’s a fat old white man who owns a professional basketball team.

I imagine that he’s pretty wealthy.

He got mad that his young Asian mistress was hanging out with some players who happened to be black.

He called her and told her not to hang out with the black dudes.

Now he’s in a whole lot of trouble.

And to top it all off, I think that his wife is mad at him, too.


Imagine that.

His wife is mad at him because he made some private comments in a phone call to his young Asian mistress about not wanting his young Asian mistress to hang out with the virile professional athletes who happened to be black.

I imagine that she might be mad at him for other reasons…reasons that were subtle and that I couldn’t read into the situation….maybe reasons like HIS YOUNG ASIAN MISTRESS THAT SHE FINALLY NOTICED ON THE JUMBOTRON SCREEN ABOVE THE COURT?!!!! FINALLY NOTICED IN ALL THE NEWSPAPER PICTURES?!!!

(Jenny is a little more on the ball than that…she’d say, “Who is that Asian girl who sits next to you at the games?” pretty quickly. She might even say, “Who is that Asian girl who sits next to you at the games?” She might even say, “WHO IS THAT ASIAN GIRL WHO SITS NEXT TO YOU AT THE GAMES?!!!!” She probably will say, “Why do you keep mentioning that Asian girl?” …and I’d have to tell her that the blog post was about that fat rich white racist professional sports team owner…not the Asian woman who was his mistress.)

What did he think was going to happen? And how many white dudes play in the NBA? Would he have been mad if she’d been hanging out with the white dudes? Would he have said, “Why you gotta publicize…or promote…that you’re hanging out with the white dudes?”

If he’d said, “Why are you promoting that you’re hanging out with the little Norwegian man? I don’t like it…stop that…” MY WIFE would be mad.

She might ask me if I knew anything about it.

How many little Norwegian men play professional basketball? Not many, I can assure you.

We can ski our butts off…but we’re usually not tall enough to play pro b-ball.

What a pain in the rear that would be to get called out for being not only a cheating old fat (RICH!!) white man…but also a RACIST cheating old fat (RICH!!) white man.

Haha…(like in the Simpsons)…haha.

It’s kind of funny in a sick way. What a sleaze bag. What a jealous old rich white man.

What a racist old rich white man….

What a jealous old RACIST.

I think that he’s a jealous old dude before he’s a racist old dude, though…the jealous part prompted the racist comments, maybe.

He’s a rich old sleazy lizard of a man…using his power to attract the women who are attracted to that sort of thing…and he got jealous when she had more fun hanging out with the studly athletes.


Who knows what makes the world go round?

It takes all kinds.

Even rich old racist lizard men.

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