why dogs die young

angel dog

People say that a dog is man’s best friend.

I guess that may be true….I guess.

I’ve had some wonderful dog friends, although I’m not sure if I’d consider any of them my “best friends”.

Our “heart to hearts” were usually pretty non-verbal.

Maybe that’s the secret…all these words get in the way. Maybe a real heart to heart doesn’t need words?

The hard thing about a dog, for me sometimes, is that they’re gone so soon.

A long life for a dog might be 18 years for one of the little ones.

If you’re going to fall in love with one of the bigger ones, it usually is a lot less.

These dogs don’t stick around like we hopefully do. They don’t wear out their welcome…unless they’re a pain in the rear and chew up all your nice crap.

They live a concentrated life of affection and enthusiasm…bounding and wagging, eating and loving.

I like dogs a lot.

I was pondering how short their lives are the other day while I was cramming letters into mailboxes…and I started thinking about something that sounded like a nice possibility.

Now, it doesn’t have a theological leg to stand on.

Like a lot of things that I ponder, it probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I think that dogs have souls…and maybe…maybe…maybe they go to Heaven.

Now, if you talk to anyone who knows how Heaven works and who does and who doesn’t have a soul…they’d think that the concept of a dog having a soul is kind of heretical.

Dominion and all, you understand?

Dogs can’t have a soul if we’re the stewards of this “earthly kingdom”. We’re better than dogs. Dogs can’t have souls…right?

I came to the conclusion that a dog’s life is short because they act like advance guards or “scouts” for the people who love and take care of them on Earth.

I imagined a scenario like this:

A new dog comes padding quietly into the “Place”…the place where God is…and after the Dog clears his throat to get God’s attention, he says, “God…can I talk to you for a second? I had something that I was wondering about…”

God says “Oh, you can talk to me for more than a second if you need to! I’m pretty busy with stuff all the time…but what’s time to God?! Take as much time as you need…”

The “new dog” sits down at God’s feet and starts to talk….

“It’s about that Guy…the one who was with me on Earth. Do you remember him? I loved him so much….that Guy…”

“Right…I know you did. He loved you, too, you know.” God said.

“Well,” said the dog “you know that the Guy was a pretty good guy, don’t you? I mean he was a really great guy. He loved me like crazy, that guy did. You knew all that already, though, didn’t you?”

“You love that Guy, too…don’t you? You love him, too, right God?”

“That Guy? I love him more than you’ll ever know…for a lot of reasons that never would enter your mind. I love that Guy…your Guy.”

“I thought so…I was just checking, though. I want him to be OK, you know?” said the Dog.

“He’ll be OK…he’ll be better than OK…and yes, I do love him…”

“Good…I thought so, but good.  I’ll let you get back to what you were doing…like you needed my permission, though…anyway, thanks for seeing me. Thanks for taking care of the Guy, too”

God said, “Don’t mention it. You come see me anytime….the door’s always unlocked. Thanks for coming….”

And as the dog padded out, his mind at ease again, God watched him go and thought, “I love these dogs…I’m glad they’re around. That was a good thing…inventing dogs. I’m glad I didn’t stop with cats…”

“If Dogs Run Free” Bob Dylan

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