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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI got home from work slightly frazzled yesterday.

Some days you feel like you just survived it all.

You’re happy that it happened…survival is a good thing to shoot for…but the day didn’t roll as smoothly as it might have… and you’re tired and ready to relax.

Nate came out to meet me when I pulled into the driveway…and that’s always a mood lifter.

My daughter also came out to meet me…swinging her hair a little for some reason…but I must have been stuck in my residual survival mode still because after a quick greeting, the best I could muster was to ask her to carry in the big box of cloth diapers that came that day.

I did think that it was nice that she came out to meet me, too.

I remember thinking that she looked cute…kind of “summery”.

When I got inside, Jenny whispered in my ear “did you see Zoe’s hair? She had it cut again for ‘Locks of Love’….did you notice?”


I did notice that something had changed…but I must have been too tired and not fast enough on my feet to comment….even if I’d figured out what was different, I didn’t comment on it.


I better get some rest…get some sleep. I’m missing stuff.

Zoe got her hair cut for “Locks of Love”.

“Locks of Love” is a program where they cut off at least 10″ of your hair to make wigs for people with cancer.

I think that this is the third or fourth time that Zoe has done that.

I have enough hair that if I grew it out, they could make a wig for a really small child. No one asks me if I’d like to be a donor. No one wants my “widows mite”.

Zoe has a lot of hair. You could make a heck of a wig out of some of her hair.

That’s why she was swinging her head…so that Daddy could notice when he got home from work…and frazzled Daddy missed the boat.

That boat floated on by me while I was bent over by the river…. complaining about having to tie my shoe again (metaphorically…my shoe was tied all day, actually).

Locks of Love is a great program. I can only imagine what a comfort and a thrill it must be for a person who’s lost their hair to treatment to get a wig made out of some nice hair…maybe it lifts their spirits a little? I don’t really know…but I hope it would.

I’m proud that my daughter knows what that program is….that the program even exists…and I’m proud that she’s participating in it.

Somewhere there is a kid…or maybe an adult…with a nice head of blonde hair thanks to Zoe.

That’s pretty cool.

Maybe she’s helping to make a hard time a little easier for someone out in the world?

That’s pretty darn cool, too.

So…in answer to the question “did you notice?”…yes, I noticed.

I noticed…and I’m proud.

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  1. Two sweet sisters seem to have drastically different opinions about this situation. [One’s really loving it! The other is …not so sure.]