Sparrow Drew Blood

vampire babyOur little baby, Sparrow, has one tooth now.

She has one tooth that is razor-sharp.

That’s kind of a funny design….razor-sharp teeth in a little baby’s mouth.

It’s a true test of love…a faith walk…to take care of a baby’s needs knowing what they can accomplish with even one tooth.

The picture over to the right¬†isn’t one of our little girl.

She’s not scary….


She’s not scary…but there’s something about that one tooth that makes her a little more powerful.

Jenny was feeding her yesterday when apparently Sparrow decided to test her new power.


Jenny told me over the phone that when she got Sparrow repositioned in a less potentially damaging position….after all the pain and yelling on Jenny’s part….Sparrow looked up at her and SMILED.

We decided that she must have thought that it was funny.

She must have thought that Mommy yelling in surprise and pain was funny….

It wasn’t funny.

It drew blood.

What was that all about?

Was she testing her wings?

Trying out a potential new dominance?

That dang baby bites!!

Watch out for that baby!!

I think that it was the smiling and laughing that really bugged Jenny.

We love our happy baby.

If she starts getting any temporary joy out of clamping down and drawing blood, though…it’s going to be a long row to hoe for Jenny.

It’ll be like delivering mail to a house with a biting pitbull…who wants to go to that house?

And it’s only one razor sharp baby tooth at this point.

One little tooth…but we can feel more waiting to pop through her gums.

It almost makes me afraid for Jenny.

I’m glad that these teeth don’t come in all at once.

That would be even more dangerous.


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