worth paying for….


I could drop a pebble down the well and hear it hit soft mud at the bottom.

Some mornings I wake up after a fitful nights sleep and think that I’ve hit the end….there’s nothing more to write about.

I might have had two good subjects and 600 posts…and now I’ve exhausted the supply of topics and that’s it….from here on out it’s going to have to be posts where the only thing I have to fall back on are funny Youtube videos of monkeys doing strange things.

It’s over…the world is sucked out into a creativity free black hole and there is nothing that interests me or catches my attention.

Of course, I think that way when I’m tired.

I’m tired because I’m on the periphery of the “new baby nighttime hijinks”.

I’m on the edge of all of that.

Jenny is in the middle of that storm.

She’s really tired.

In the big scheme, I’m not even that tired, really. I’m not exhausted. I don’t have my nose to any grindstone that I know of.

I have nothing to complain about…soft bed, soft life.

I’m blessed.

I know that.

Today is Memorial Day and I have the day off.

The post office gave us the day off so that we could do what we could to honor and remember our veterans.

Here’s a funny aside…funny strange…

I deliver out of the Saluda, NC post office now. They combined offices so Zirconia delivers out of Saluda.

In the town of Saluda, there was a big controversy because the town was denying this fellow’s right to put up this sign at the edge of town….


veteran friendlyI guess that it wasn’t cool to put up a sign that wasn’t approved by the city first.

I’m not sure what the controversy was.

There’s plenty of goofy signs in Saluda….you’d think that it would be a no-brainer to allow someone to make mention that Saluda liked Veterans.

They’ve allowed him to put it up now…I’m glad.

You shouldn’t have to get a permit for patriotism.

You shouldn’t have to get permission to say how proud you are of the people who fought for your freedoms.

I’m glad that his sign is up now.

What’s that old saying about anything worth having is worth paying for?

(Maybe it’s “worth fighting for”? Same difference….)

“Worth paying for”….

I have all these freedoms that I didn’t earn.

I didn’t do anything to earn them….I never had to fight for them or even work hard to sustain them.

I take them for granted.

They’re a part of my everyday life that are invisible to me as I enjoy them.

I am so free that I don’t even have to be conscious of how much freedom I really do have in my life.

Somebody…at some time in history…paid for my freedoms.

Things are easy for me because of it.

That’s something worth celebrating…worth honoring.

Somebody paid for my freedoms.

Somebody fought for my right to walk around ….oblivious to how free I am.

Maybe I should write about that?

Maybe I should put up a sign, too?

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