still mine

I loved this movie.

That’s pretty straightforward…no hype or cleverness in a review, no attempt or need to guild the lily.

I loved this movie.

It’s a quiet one…with a quiet set of circumstances and a gentle tone.

There isn’t a car chase or a building blowing up to be found.

It’s not a blockbuster.

No one throws any punches or spins around in a high flying back kick.

It’s not a blockbuster, but I’ll remember it for a long time.

The movie is based on the true story of an 89-year-old New Brunswick man who runs afoul of the building inspector while he’s trying to build a new house that’s more suitable to the needs of his wife, who has Alzheimer’s and is progressively getting worse.

James Cromwell…who you may remember was the farmer in the movie “Babe” plays the husband and builder….and Genevieve Bujold plays his wife.

I think that it’s kind of rare to see anything that even begins to ring true coming out of the entertainment machine these days.

This movie was a Canadian production.

Maybe you have to get out of Hollywood to approach something that feels true? I don’t really know….

I would recommend this movie.

It’s one of the good ones….


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