chasing mavericks….redux

There aren’t two “Chasing Mavericks” movies.

You can’t make a sequel to a movie like that.

The story doesn’t support a sequel.

I wish that it did…..

I wrote a quick post a while back when I was starting this blog….about the movie.

I guess that surfing must be my “temporary Idaho”…

It seems like something good to steer towards when the morning comes too soon and my head is fuzzy and I can’t imagine what to write about at 5:30.

It’s a good “go-to” blog topic…along with Idaho, living out of a van, living in the country, traveling across the country while living in a van, watching videos about people living out of vans while they travel the coast surfing….etc.

I guess there’s always something to write about.

You don’t travel the country with a family of 6 in a van.

Do you?

Maybe a big van?

We have one bathroom and seem to get along OK.

It’s what we know…it’s what we cope with.

Maybe a big funhog van….maybe pulling a pop-up camper?

Planning my escape…old horse in a small corral, running in circles and occasionally bumping the fence, watching the sun go down and the moon come up, night after night dreaming of a bunch of dunes that he could be running on….

just another wild-eyed horse plotting his escape.

Jenny says that the only other Norwegian she knew growing up took off for Alaska with his “secret fund” and never looked back…just left his family and never looked back.

That dude gives Norwegians a bad name.

I think that she watches which direction I head when I go out the door sometimes.

I’m not one of the bad Norwegians, though…I stick around.

I love my family.

Looking over the fence to the greenest grass that I’ve ever seen….just feet away…so reachable….

Wait…that’s a real cliché, isn’t it?

That “green grass” stuff?

That’s been said before with great consistency….the grass is greener when you can’t get to it…

Whoopedeedoo…”bloom where you’re planted”.

Bloom somewhere.

Here‘s as good a place as any to bloom.

I guess that there’s two ways to look at this “situation”….

1.  I could look at it in a way that makes me sad for what I’m not experiencing. Knowing about the “big world”….and not getting to get out and see more of it….always comparing the “good that is” to the “better” that I imagine…destroying myself from the inside out with a self-created “need” to travel and see things out in the world…..


2. Loving the fact that I know a little about “what’s out there”….and that we’ve raised children who like to see the world…or at least the little chunks of it that we’ve been able to travel so far…and having the maturity and drive to be patient and know that the world, for the most part, is going to be there for us when we get a chance to see more of it.


Really focused meandering.

I can handle “really focused meandering”.

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