new porch floor

P1000554It looks like this land deal is actually going to go through.

My stomach says, “Gnnnnnnngggggggg”….which I’m sure is a confusing mix of excitement and fear.

More excitement than fear, though.

I’ve been running all the “fixes” that I’m going to have to do through my mind…and this morning it hit me that all the things that I know that I’m going to have to attack are just the things that I “know I’m going to have to attack”.

All I know at this point are the really obvious things.

And the obvious things aren’t necessarily the most pressing things to consider.

But, at this point in the process, they’re all that I know.

Like this porch.

It needs some work.

It needs some work so that it’s safe to walk on.

That’s pretty obvious and important.

I can see the problem…the porch floor’s kind of rotten…and I can ponder fixing it….and soon will be tearing stuff up and putting it back together with some solid materials.

That part is easy enough.

It’s the stuff that’s hiding…waiting for me….that I expect will get kind of weird.

It’s a big, heavy puzzle.

I don’t even know if all 5,000 pieces are in the box.

Jenny counts the pieces of the thrift store jigsaw puzzles that she buys for Nate….but it’s easier to do that when it’s less than a hundred.

I can’t count all the things that need fixing in the old house on that property we’re buying.

One good thing is that the bank didn’t even consider it in the kind of loan we’re getting.

The house didn’t even rate enough to consider loaning money against it.

It’s not “mortgage” worthy.

That kind of takes the heat off of me, huh?

I’ll be working on something that nobody thought was worth anything.

It’s hard to fall farther than the bottom….so I guess that there’s really not any pressure on me.

Whew…that was close. I thought I felt some pressure to perform there for a second.

Who am I kidding? I better step up.

I better be a MAN.

In the best sense of the word….I better be a real “stand up guy”.

I got work to do.

I will work on the structure…then work on the stuff that I can see….then, years later, if I’m still strong and healthy, work at fixing the stuff that I did wrong earlier.

Or maybe I’ll just try and do it right the first time.

That would be a novel approach….just do it right.

All these first impressions….all the things that I jump to the conclusion of thinking are the “right path”….the “way to proceed”….may not be right at all.

I guess that it’s better to “do something…even if it’s wrong” than to sit and wonder what might happen if I went out on a limb and …tried anything.

Piece by piece….this house is going to be a real hard to swallow “piece of cake”.

I will choke it down and go back for another.

I ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ porch.



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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.


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  1. MAN UP and fix that porch! I want photos posted when you’re done. Hopefully you’ll do a better job than the weird trapezoidal gap I had to patch (unforeseen in the framing) on my treehouse deck. Oy.