inspiration walk

It’s funny how much inspiration I can absorb on the walk downstairs to make my coffee.

There’s a big gap between the blank screen fuzziness in my head when I first get up and turn on the computer….. and the feeling I get after I know that soon I’ll get to take that first sip and lubrication will commence.

That’s kind of silly….but I do love to figure something out….and the ritual of making some coffee seems to help some…or at least buy me some time.

Maybe it’s just another procrastination.

I’m good at avoiding things by trying to get “all my ducks in a row”.

I’ll work towards something and “have just one more step” before I’m ready to begin tearing into the project…or I’ll have one more thing that I need to learn before I begin…or one more thing that I need to learn again….learn a different way.

Sometimes, I’m a lot more inspired if I can get away from the situation for a while and really concentrate hard on my procrastination.

Whatever the case may be…I’ll figure out a way to postpone something if it kind of scares me.

Sometimes it’s easier if the canoe just tips over and I find myself treading water before I even know that there was a chance of getting wet.

It doesn’t give me any time to read a number of explanations of what being down in the water feels like.

I just “am”….that’s easier, somehow.

This land thing looks like it’s going to be a “go situation” soon.

What a “pig in a poke” this is going to be.

I’m not really scared.

I don’t know what I feel…other than excitement and the expectation of what it’s going to be like to be in that heavy work mode soon.

Crazy times, crazy times.

Crazy to be outside a situation and to be chomping at the bit to start cleaning it all up…to see what’s underneath all the junk and overgrown vegetation.

I don’t think that Jenny and I have ever made a purchase this big.

So I guess that the canoe is tipping and I’m wondering if the water is still going to be as wet as it was the last time I fell in.

Ahhhh…..the french press plunge and fresh coffee are waking me up.


I don’t often get all my ducks in a row.

I do try to eat all the food on my plate…but I don’t get all my ducks in a row.

So I’m starting to realize that all my planning…or what I fool myself into calling “planning”….is really just a weird little dodge dance I do to avoid the inevitable.

I am going to have to gas up the chainsaw and just cut down everything dead that I see in my way…and then move on to the weed eating….and then out come some power tools and a whole heap of mindfulness, and it’ll be time for cutting up some wood and nailing it in place.

How hard could that be?

Simple as pie.

It’s intense planning like that …that will carry us through on this project.

“Just gas up the chainsaw” and …..go.

Any major renovation that involves a chainsaw has to have a good end in sight.

Here’s another surf video….it’s a good way to procrastinate…












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