I woke up this morning with what feels like an inner ear infection or something close to it.

I’m wobbling.

That’s a weird feeling…usually I’m reasonably coordinated. I can stand up without feeling like the boat is leaning to one side….usually.

I wonder what is going on?

But what do I have to worry about?

I’ll spend most of the day driving….so as long as I keep two hands firmly on the wheel and my eyes fixed firmly on the horizon….I ought to be alright.

I’ll just drink a lot of coffee and get jazzed up.

Jazzed and wobbly has to be a good combination.

Today is “Coon Dog Day” in Saluda…and we (USPS employees) anticipate that it is going to be kind of hard to navigate into and out of town all day because of it.

So I plan on getting there really early and getting out of town really early, too.

That’s the plan, at least.

Mannnnn…..I’m crazy wobbly feeling.

This is not good.

What do “the people” say about the Weebles?

They wobble but they don’t fall down!!!

That’ll be my goal for the day.

I’ve never gone to a Coon Dog Day before.

One of the big reasons is the crowds.

I don’t want to be around crowds that much.

Apparently, over 10,000 people show up for the festivities and congregate in a small town main street that seems like it was designed to comfortably fit 200.

That’s what I’ll be driving a Jeep Cherokee, overloaded with two heavy days of mail because we were off for the 4th of July, through sometime later this morning.

Wobblin’ and weaving, wobblin’ and weaving….

Oh, well….I’ll make it.

I just need to make sure that I pay attention and don’t drive off the mountain or something.

We went to watch the fireworks last night at the one store that we have in the town of Tuxedo.

The folks who run the store put on a big display…about an hour’s worth of fireworks….and most of the people who live in the town must show up to watch the show.

It’s fun to see the town come out to support and enjoy that….fun to see the Green family do that for the community.

Holy Smokes….did I mention how wobbly I feel?

This can’t be good.

Happy Coon Dog Day, everybody.


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