Where’s my torch? Has anyone seen my torch?

It’s dark again.

I wake up early in the morning and it is dark still. Even though I slept in….and it’s 6:00 in the morning now….it’s dark.

If I needed to go outside and wanted to see what I was doing, I might look for my flashlight.

I’d need a flashlight to see.

Did you know that in England, they have a bunch of different words for things that we use all the time?

Like….an elevator is a “lift”….or, if you needed to look under the hood of your car, you might be lifting the “bonnet” instead of the hood to do it.

They’ve got a million of them.

There’s lots of different words that British people use.

If I was going to look for a flashlight in the morning, I might have been looking for a “torch”.

Isn’t that wacky?

Instead of only having the “problem” of figuring out where to go to look at fireworks, I might be trying to learn all these weird British words.

That would be crazy hard.

It would be a pretty different world if the British had kicked our butts in that war we fought with them.

The 4th of July just wouldn’t be the same if that had happened.

I guess that we would have gotten used to it.

I don’t know if we would have ended up being really heavily taxed slaves or something like that.

Who knows what would have happened if the British had won…and were a little PO’d at us for trying to break free.

They might have been kind of vindictive if they’d won that war.

I’m glad that we call a flashlight….a flashlight.

It’s a big day.

I get to stay home from work.

We will do something entertaining….and will probably go somewhere to watch “the rocket’s red glare” later in the evening.

That should be a whole lot more fun than trying to remember that¬†our embarrassing fanny pack is supposed to be called a “bum bag”….or that the pacifier that our baby isn’t ever satisfied with and won’t use should be called a “dummy”…or even that it’s not “football” anymore….it’s “soccer”.

If only for the sanctity of my vocabulary….I’m glad that we’re Americans.

I like being free.

“God Bless the USA” Lee Greenwood


(In the morning, when I’m writing this blog…and, often, most of the rest of the day….I’m in “smarty pants” mode….screwing around, kidding around. So when I decided to include this song, I thought it might be kind of funny in an ironic and completely hip way. I’ve heard this a million times on the radio. It’s probably not anything close to “art”. It’s bombastic and overstated…it’s not anything close to subtle…but…it’s pretty great. There’s nothing….nothing…. wrong with loving your country and the people who live in it. Of course…it’s a good thing to love the people who live in other countries, too. After all, this ball we all live on is pretty small….right? ¬†Enough about them, though…this is our day. Happy 4th….)


Just another quick thought….and then I’ll go. Didn’t it used to bother people if you wore a really tight flag and jumped around in it? I can’t remember if people didn’t like that…in the “olden days”.


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