let the rooster crow….

Let the rooster crow….I can’t hear a word he’s saying.

Dang oversleep stuff.

It’s not the oversleep….it’s the undersleep in the middle of the night that causes the problem.

Sparrow has a fever….so Jenny was up a lot in the night trying to help her feel better….and I was up some trying to help her….help her.

So, I think that I got more sleep than Jenny got.

I got more….but I didn’t get enough.

The oversleep is just a condition of the undersleep.

Call me Sherlock…I’ve got it figured out.

It’s pretty nerve-wracking when your children aren’t feeling well….especially the little pre-verbal ones.

I hope Sparrow feels better this morning….

It’s hard to tell what’s going on when they get feverish like that.

I took my Father-in-Law up to the land we’re in the process of buying yesterday… and it was still there.

Sometimes I feel like just staying the course and avoiding even looking at the limb I’m going to be climbing out on soon.

It’s so easy to have a little bit of extra money.

That’s something that we were just, uncharacteristically, getting used to.

You don’t have to think very fast on your feet when you have some money to make some of the problems go away.

It’s easy as pie to make that happen when you can buy your way out of a problem.

And now, I’m going to give all our money away so we can buy a chunk of dirt and a little bit of a big pond.

What am I thinking?

Don’t take chances!! Save your pennies!!

What the heck….just go for it.

The worst that can happen is that I’ll fall down an abandoned well that I didn’t know about.

I could fall down an abandoned well and not have the money to hire a man with a crane to pull me back up from the depths.

What?!! The fire department might get me out for free? It wouldn’t cost me anything to be saved?

What the heck am I worried about?

It’s covered.

I guess that’s what they call “cold feet”.

A “master of high finance”….a “real estate magnate”….that’s me.

I should just read a couple of Donald Trump books and warm up my check writing hand…..and then buy all sorts of crazy rural land.

I’ve got to go slam down some breakfast cereal and then get on to work.

Stupid rooster.


Check out this picture. It looks like we can add 2 more bathrooms if we wanted to in the little house.

It could be a 3 bathroom, 2 bedroom house.

That’s what people are looking for, right?

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