dudes don’t empower

Unless they figure out a way to do some strange gender DNA thing, and they strap me to a cold steel table somewhere and then a doctor comes in after finishing the experiment and looks at me….then looks at his chart….then looks at me again….then looks at the chart….then puts the chart down….then looks at me….and says….

“Dude….you a lady.”

Unless that happens….and until that weird day….I’m just a dude.

And dudes don’t have a really empowering song that is just for dudes.

Not like this one, at least….

“I am Woman” Helen Reddy

Maybe we have enough sense to know that the ladies would be upset if we went around singing anything that said, “I’m a Dude….I’ve got the power! I HAVE THE POWER!! THE POWER OF ….”

People don’t like swagger, sometimes.

We have all those Bad Company songs that swagger….the “I’M COMIN’ TA GITYA” kind of songs….big power chords and the warning of conquest.

We have those kind of “dude songs”….but we don’t have anything that says anything like, “I’ll cut down a tree all by myself and out earn any ten peopleĀ in the room….I’M A DUDE, I’M A DUDE, I’M A DUDE!!”

We don’t have any songs like that.

We don’t have a song that I remember that says, “hear me roar.”

All the dude songs are more subdued than that.

Except for the Bad Company songs….and some Jimi Hendrix….some Zeppellin ….Uriah Heep….Kanye…Common….L’il Wayne….Weezy…Weezer…all the rest of them.

Except for those guys.

We don’t have a song like this….

“Roar” Katy Perry

I can’t picture a bunch of dudes on a framing crew singing that to each other….or a bunch of lumberjacks…or even The Village People.

Dudes wouldn’t sing that song to each other.

So….I think that we just don’t have any really empowering gender based songs for dudes.

We brag and we swagger…but deep down, there’s probably something missing.

Deep down….we’re missing that declaration of independence and power.

Nah…dudes don’t even need that….we don’t need no stinkin’ anthem!!

We got it going on….the DUDES!!

It’s funny, though….I’ll sing that “I Am Woman” song in the shower sometimes.

It just makes me feel good.

(I’m kidding. I AM KIDDING….)

I guess that we just need to take empowerment where we can find it.

We’re supported by the mainstream media.

We’re empowered everyday…whether we have a song that says that we are… or not.

Maybe this is our anthem and we never even knew it.

Maybe this is the song….forget “Roar”.

“All Right Now” Free

There’s an anthem out there somewhere for the dudes.

Maybe there’s too many?

Sometimes I can’t even see the forest for all the anthems floating around out there….

Surely, dudes gotta have an anthem….

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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