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End of the world….and I’ve arrived at the conclusion that among the many responses to the apocalypse (if we even had time to respond to anything…like we’d have a moment to think about what to do) are two that are swirling in my head this morning….

  1. I could hunker down in my “hidey-hole” with my storage food and my water purification supplies, get ready to shoot it out with whoever (or whatever) comes scratching at my door after the thing that destroyed or mutated most of the rest of the population has passed and left the prepared alone with their supplies….I could boil some water and reconstitute another freeze-dried meal….frantically search the shortwave dial for news from Australia with the latest information about the zombie invasion…imagine a world without pain or loneliness. I could do that…
  2. Or…I could do what this song suggests……”love….like the end of the world”.

“End of the World” Mingo Fishtrap

I think that the second option is the one that sounds quite a bit more appealing.

Now, I’m no stranger to the survivalist mentality.

I’ve actually heard a man say, on the shortwave radio, “Death to the New World Order!”.

You haven’t really lived until you hear a man say, over live radio, “Death to the New World Order!”

That’s pretty darn weird.

When it’s survival that people are talking about, they tend to take it pretty seriously.

It’s “us vs. them”….all the time.

24 hours a day, people are able to perceive “the threat”….whether it’s the Ebola that’s creeping or the zombie invasion that could happen (!!!)….and prepare accordingly….with cases of duct tape and a strong supply of Tamiflu.

I guess that in the end, you don’t really prepare for anything.

The real emergencies are going to be “emergencies”….no matter how much preparation you’ve made.

All you’re doing is making the present something less than what it could be.

You can’t forecast the apocalypse every day of your life…and expect “every day of your life” to be anything more than some weird pre-apocalyptic disappointment.

What kind of victory is it to arrive at the “end”….and feel a sorry sense of accomplishment that, after years of preparation for just this moment in the end of time, you’re a little better off for a while than the ones who fiddled their lives away?

Maybe the apocalypse is just a really strong reason to “accessorize”?

We need the “stuff” to survive the “thing”.

We need to feel the pride that comes with hyper-vigilance…that comes with investing ourselves in the potential for the bad to come…and figuring out a way to survive anything that comes along.

I guess that I would feel pretty accomplished if I was the one with the bullets when the zombies charged the hill.

Maybe that would make it all worthwhile?

I loved this song.

I loved the line “run like you did when we were just kids….singing just as loud as you can…”

There are responses to emergency that seem more appropriate to me than hunkering down and shooting anybody who wants to take what’s mine.

I’m figuring out that “love” might be the more fitting response than a thousand pound pile of bullets.

It’s a lot more funky than shooting all the zombies that might come around.

Maybe “funk” is the apocalypse killer?

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