fading west

I watched this film yesterday and really enjoyed it.

Switchfoot is the band. I’d heard some of their music.

Surfing….I’ve had a long standing interest in it and beach culture.

The movie was a nice combination of the two….part travelogue/surf documentary….and part concert tour documentary.

Switchfoot started out as a Christian band. They were marketed as a Christian band when their record label was bought out by Sparrow Records.

Now…they’re a band of Christians.

In the movie, they talk about the importance of faith and hope….but they don’t slam you over the head with their expression of their faith.

I liked this movie a lot….and I really appreciated what this band was doing.

There are a lot of ways to share faith.

I’m a fan of the quiet ones.

The movie streams on Netflix.

“Meant to Live” Switchfoot

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