never fall down

You know….it’s not the falling down that’s so damaging.

If you’re moving, you’re falling.

We throw ourselves….we catch ourselves….when we’re walking, we’re always falling down.

I think that it’s the “never getting up” part that kills.


That’s pretty darn dramatic.

I guess that, as lightly as I’d like to take it all, LIFE is pretty darn dramatic.

Stuff happens.

Stuff happens and we choose to be imagine that we are “damaged” forever….pack it all up in a suitcase with a tow rope and drag it behind us for all perpetuity….or get up and start moving again.

Getting up and staying up is hard.

That’s pretty darn profound.

Ahhhhhh…..we all carry our bindle full of sadness around with us….everybody has something that they carry…some just know seem to figure out how to pack light.

Some don’t hoard that sadness like other people do.

Enough of that “sadness” talk…I’m bringing me down.

I guess that what I’m thinking is that the falling down part is inevitable….we fall down.

I know that….we fall….every one of us.

But it’s the getting up….the getting up part….that’s the mark of a quality fortunate person.

What the heck?….getting up is just a reflex action.

It’s just what we do…(try to do)…we want to get up before anyone else notices that we’ve fallen down.

It’s not some noble pursuit to try and bounce back up.

When you get down to it, I guess that all you can do is what this video suggests….

That’s all you can do….


A short PS….8/14.   I wrote a bunch of posts before we went on vacation. This post was one of them. While we were on vacation, Robin Williams committed suicide and then a day later, this scheduled post made its way on to the blog. The bad timing was unintentional and regrettable. I don’t understand getting over depression….sadness can follow you for a long time….retreat and reappear without notice or explanation. It’s not something to take lightly….but I wish that I could….”take it lightly”. Given the timing of the events, this post sounds kind of smug and silly…even (what’s the word when someone is a ‘know-it-all’? Maybe….) arrogant….but that wasn’t the intent. Sometimes, it’s easy to type out something at 5 in the morning that I think no one will read….and say things that aren’t really considered very completely. I do still like the part about “getting up”, though….I know that it’s possible. Things don’t have to follow us forever…there is peace to be found…..I know that. Robin Williams was a manic genius….so quick and so funny. The dark side of “manic” is a hard thing. It’s hard to meet people’s expectations all the time. I will miss him.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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