He’s Not Norwegian

I’m Norwegian.

I thought that I’d write something about Norway this morning.

I’ve never been to Norway…and I don’t speak the language.

I don’t know why I can even claim to be Norwegian.

It’s an accident of birth that I can claim that….but I’m proud that I can.

So….I was going to write about Norway….and all of a sudden, here I am….writing about a great song that Colin Hay performed and wrote.

I found a version of “Norwegian Wood” that he did….and listened to it….and decided not to include it in the blog.

But I found this one instead.

I love this song.

Now, of course, he’s kind of ….what’s the word? Ribald? Does that work? He’s kind of “naughty” in the introduction to the song.

He uses the “F” word pretty often….but he uses it with a Scottish accent so I guess he can pull it off.

It sounds softer with a Scottish accent somehow.

If the name “Colin Hay” sounds familiar….or the voice sounds familiar…he was in a band called “Men Without Hats” that had a couple of hits in the 1980’s.

So….like I said earlier….this is a great song.

I love this song.

And the guy isn’t even Norwegian.

Here’s another one by Colin Hay….I don’t know if I’ll ever have another reason to share any of his music….

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