lifting the needle

buckingham nicks

There were two reasons to lift the needle back when we listened to vinyl.

The first reason was to get beyond a song that you hated.

You couldn’t just hit a button and jump forward….you had to physically jump over the grooves to escape a lame song.

We listened to a lot of lame songs back in the day.

Who wanted to get up all the time to escape a bad tune?

The second reason was to hear a song again.

I wonder how many times I picked up the tonearm to hear this song again?

“crystal” Buckingham Nicks

When Buckingham Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac, they re-did this song on the first Fleetwood Mac album they were on….but this was always my favorite version.

These guys were young on this first and only Buckingham Nicks album.

I complain or comment on how music has changed since I first started listening seriously….but if you look up Buckingham Nicks on YouTube, you’ll find a lot of live performances from before the joined Fleetwood Mac….and even some from before they became Buckingham Nicks….back when Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were members of a band called Fritz.

What’s to complain about that?

How could I have done that “back in the day”?

It’s a brave new world.

The story that I heard is that this next song was playing in the studio that Mick Fleetwood was in….and he heard it playing and asked about the duo when Fleetwood Mac was in a period of transition….and the duo was later asked to join the band…..and the rest is….

“frozen love” Buckingham Nicks

Talk about “fortuitous”….you’re looking around, plotting your next move, seeing what the future might hold for an established and respected blues band….and the next moment you’re listening to the duo that would change your destiny.

Asking them to join the band was a pretty good move for everybody involved.

It wasn’t a good thing to wear out a record….you played it until it wouldn’t play anymore, and then you either replaced it or just remembered it.

That first and only Buckingham Nicks album was so good.

Good music….



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