Marky Mark’s House

Jenny says that he doesn’t like to be called “Marky Mark”.

As if he called her up and asked her, “Hey…could you ask Peter to quit calling me ‘Marky Mark’? That was a long time ago…..I go by ‘Mark Wahlberg’ now…..”

As if he called her and told her that….

He didn’t call her, did he?!!

I don’t know….maybe it’s my semi-aggressive way of putting him in his place….he’s a pretty good-looking guy….got big arms….a good personality.

Maybe a sneering, “Oh, yeah….MARKY MARK!! I know who he is!!!” makes me feel better about her knowing who he is…..

I watched the latest Transformers movie….on Bluray, no less….last night.

Man….it was long.

Man….it was loud.

I really liked his house and his shop.

That, in spite of all the explosions and cars and trucks turning into cool robots, was the highlight for me.

What a cool house….out in the middle of an Eastern Texas field.

Very cool.

You know, now that I think of it, this is the only movie that I’ve ever seen that referenced the town of Shamrock, too.

Pretty funny….we’ve been to Shamrock.

Mr. Wahlberg has a daughter in this one.

He has a goofy friend who has a surfboard on top of his car.

I think the daughter was doing the Megan Fox shtick….but she’s only 17….so not really.

Not really….but sortof.

What’s up with that, Michael Bay?

I don’t know…sometimes, with all the blowing up and giant transformer battles, a whole lot of cool becomes, “Oh….I wish they’d run out of juice….just power down in a field somewhere….then the real people could take center stage again for a while…”

I really liked Mr. Wahlberg’s character’s house in this movie.

It was a real star….a real real estate star.….

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