the fish

big carp

Someone on my mail route said, “Buy the biggest ones you can buy….the birds eat all the little ones.”

When I called the lady at the fish company, I said “I need some triploid grass carp….about 4 of them….but someone said to buy the biggest ones I could get because the birds eat them. How big are the fish you sell?”

“They’re 6 to 11 inches. How many did you say that you wanted?”

“I think that I want 4….how much are they?”

“Let me check my book…..the triploid carp are fifteen dollars each…”

“I better stop at 4!”

She laughed when I said that. I guess you had to be there.

That was the funniest part of our conversation.

She told me that the fish came in a plastic bag that they must infuse with oxygen for shipment.

I guess that when I get the fish, I’m supposed to introduce the cold water from the pond to the bag until it gets similiar to the place I’m going to put them….and then lay the bag in the pond and let the fish swim out.

I guess that I have about 4 minutes to do this after I open the bag and let the oxygen out.

It’s weird….I thought that we were out where the oxygen was….but apparently it’s all in with the fish already.

I don’t want to screw up….that’s 60 dollars worth of bird food in the bag she’s going to send me.

The guy from the fish company is coming to the hardware store in Edneyville in a couple of weeks.

He must be driving a big fish car….or a big car with little fish in it.

That’s an interesting business to be in.

That job is quite a bit weirder than mine.

This pond I’m going to put these fish in is full of vegetation….lots of algae or something….no lillypads, which is good….some grass along the banks….no cattails….just lots of green stuff floating in the water.

These fish are supposed to eat the vegetation.

grass carp

I guess that you can use an herbicide, too….but that might screw up the fish that are already in the pond, so I don’t think you’d want to do that.

Maybe it’s just an expensive experiment…but it’s not supposed to harm the other fish so it’s pretty benign.

It’s a pretty pond….it’d be nice to get it cleaned up.


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