the romance of a volkswagen bus

Travel the world in a VW Bus.

How much more romantic can it get than that?

The description for this movie says….”In 13 months of owning this VW Bus, we have driven from Chile to Costa Rica…and removed the engine 7 TIMES!!!”

How about that?

I’ve owned 3 buses…..a 1972, a 1968….and a 1967 that never ran.

The 1972 was my first car.

Check out this video….

“Oil’s coming out everywhere….it’s dripping from the roof…”

That’s the kind of vehicle I want to drive down through South America.

And when I see smoke coming from the engine bay, I want to take it out for a quick test drive.

I don’t really get it….those VW’s are cool, but…

Our Dodge Caravan runs better than my VW ever did.

And the Caravan is probably about the same size…..let’s check….

VW=What? I can’t find it….the internal dimensions, that is….but I have a feeling it’s about the same size as a good running Caravan.

The Caravan is so much less cool, though.

Check out this video of the van guy having a better day….

No, wait….that’s more bus breakdown….how about this one?

There’s a constant going on here…..

That bus breaks down, man!!!!

Awwww, what the heck….looks fun to travel around.

I KNOW that it wasn’t all just “breaking down” the whole trip….but maybe….it is a VW bus.

Look under “Kombi Life” on YouTube to find more videos by these guys.


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