The Ringer

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I mentioned that I bought a used Sirius radio early in the year….and sprung for a years subscription….so I listen to a lot of different programming.

This old Todd Rundgren song came on a couple of weeks ago….and while I was enjoying it again….I remembered a scene in a movie that I enjoyed….and I was off on another tangent.

Where’s the linearity? Where’s the focus? Where will my head take me next?

Anyway…’s the song…..

“we gotta get you a woman” Todd Rundgren

That’s a great early Rundgren song.

The movie that it reminded me of is a film¬†called “The Ringer” that Johnny Knoxville was in.

I’ve shown it to people and have forgotten that it had a few “nasty” parts before I said, “You have to watch this movie with me!!” and then couldn’t back up while the movie was playing…..I just had to ride the rough patches out while my captive audience¬†wondered about my judgement.

I wonder if most of the movies that I really respond to are mostly ones that make people question my judgement? I hope not….

Luckily, the general tone of the movie is sweet enough that I could get away with it.

I don’t think anyone that I showed it to enjoyed it as much as I did, though.

Here’s the trailer….I think it gives a pretty good idea of the plot of the movie…

This was a sweet movie. You’d have to watch it to understand why I think that….

I did a “review” of a movie called “Norbit” a while back….and “The Ringer” falls into that category for me.

It’s a movie that I encourage people to watch….that I thought was really funny and strange and good….that most folks don’t seem to enjoy as much as I did.

I thought “The Ringer” was really funny….and good-hearted.

Good for you, Johnny Knoxville….good movie.

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