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Here’s an old performance by Bobby McFerrin.

Check out the VHS squiggles.

My youngest son and I listen to a channel called “Kid’s Place Live” on our way to his preschool.

What a great channel that is!

It’s kind of like watching Spongebob….all the elements are in place for both of us to enjoy the show. I get to hear a lot of great “kid’s music”….really clever and funny and creative stuff….and Nate gets to hear a lot of….great “kid’s music”.

They played this the other morning and I got a chance to remember how amazing Bobby McFerrin really is.

Of course, when you say his name you think of what was really kind of a novelty hit, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

That song got played so much that I think that some people got kind of sick of it.

His voice is so supple that he can do things with it that seem a little freaky.

I can’t think of anyone else who can do this with their voices.

Maybe the “freaky” element lets people forget how good he really is?

What do I know about Bobby McFerrin, anyway? Not a whole lot….I just enjoy his music….appreciate that he seems to enjoy his life.

Here’s a song that was on an early album…..that I like a lot.

I think that he sings it pretty “straight”….no whoops or weird hollers….no squeaks or funny shouts.

Just some good singing…..and good whistlin’.

“sightless bird” Bobby McFerrin

OK….he does use his “instrument”/voice like an instrument in a couple of places in the song….but it suits the song….enough that, after not hearing it for a while, I’d forgotten the stuff at the end.

It suited the song.

And the “whistlin’ ” is great.

He’s a great entertainer.

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