I went to high school with this guy.

That’s a really irrelevant piece of information.

I don’t know why I mention that occasionally.

I rode Travis Tritt’s school bus, too.

Maybe I should say that Travis rode my school bus.

Maybe I should say that I let Travis Tritt ride my school bus?

I have a friend who’s in a Doritos commercial, too….but that’s irrelevant also.

It’s not something that I’m doing….it’s just another somebody that I know…who’s doing something good.

But I really did go to high school with this guy.

Angie Aparo wrote “Cry”….the “Faith Hill song”.

This song, Wonderland, that he’s performing is a great song….one of many that he’s written.

This performance comes from a show called Turner South that he appeared on a while back.

I remember that Don McLean was on that show….and after he finished performing “American Pie”, I asked¬†Jenny, “Now, who’s going to have to follow that?”.

The answer was….Angie Aparo.

He sang this song.

At some point in the video, you can see June Carter Cash lean over to the person sitting next to her and pay Angie a nice complement.

Anyway….this is a beautiful song…..and…he was this good in High School, too

I know this guy, too….watch for him at the Super Bowl.

Marc Farley….at the Super Bowl.

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