I heard a rebroadcast of an interview with Pete Seeger this morning and he mentioned how Woody Guthrie came to New York.geer
It was some history that I didn’t know.

Imagine that….some history that I didn’t know.

Apparently, Woody was friends with this guy.

You may remember that he was on the Waltons for a while….a long while.

Read the history…he set Woody up and helped get him his start in New York….even recorded an album with him in 1956.

Pete Seeger first met Woody Guthrie at a concert they were both appearing at in 1940 that was organized by….Will Geer.

There’s a lot more to Will Geer than just being the guy who played Grandpa Walton for 6 seasons.

Check out the Wikipedia article here

I need a pair of bib overalls….fast.

“this land is your land/narration” Odetta, Will Geer, Arlo Guthrie

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