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If you build big, you build big because you have some stuff that needs a place to land.

(Either that….or you really need a monument to achievement….some marker to say, “SEE!! The neighborhood!! The view!! The TAXES!! …..AND, maybe, the amenities!! Look at what we did!!”)

Not always, but…sometimes….. it’s a monument to achievement.

You need a shell that says, “I’m OK.”

(But….on the other hand….it would be kind of bizarre and cool to live in a mansion or a castle….big spaces….little bells to ring if I needed the servants to bring another pop-tart or something….motes…it might be kind of cool. I guess it’s really sort of hard to say, though…)

If you build big, and you don’t already have a bunch of stuff, when you look into the wide empty space that your house is….you realize that you better get shopping….and quick.

You better get some serious shopping done so that you can fill up these giant spaces with stuff.

Big inside spaces need stuff to fill them.

Of course, outside spaces are a different deal.

You can’t have enough stuff to fill up some outside spaces….


Maybe the solution really is to only have the¬†stuff that you need to live….and a little house that limits what you choose to decide is “enough to live” might be the only way (for me, at least) to set a limit on the stuff we have in our lives.

A tiny house….and a really big storage space for the rest of your crap.

If we can push our piles of stuff onto someone else’s space, we should be able to live small….with a small pile of the stuff that we decide we can’t get rid of….that we selectively fill our tiny space with.

It’s easier to be selective if the other stuff is safely stored out of our line of sight.

Either rent a storage facility….or just leave all your crap at your parent’s house.

That’s crummy…don’t pawn it off on your parents.

That’s crummy.

I have a lot of stuff….books….too many books….musical stuff….clothes….

I’d have to do some heavy duty paring down to move into a tiny place.

If you have a space that’s too big to be called a “tiny house”…..but too small to be considered a house that a family can comfortably live in….for some reason, you don’t consider (radically) paring down as much with a “mid-range house”….you think about getting a space big enough for all the stuff to fit into.

The “in-between” house isn’t hip enough to make you define what you hold onto….or big enough to let you avoid deciding what to hold onto.

I don’t have the power to define my space just by being in it.

Why do I let my spaces define me?

Why do I think out loud?

It’s hard enough when I keep my thoughts to myself.

Tiny thoughts in a mid-range house.


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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