My friend, John, had tickets for a concert when we were in High School.

His sister gave him the tickets….and he asked me if I wanted to go.

The concert was in a big church.

The church had a stage that was set up for a full band when we got there….and we sat for a while and waited.

In a while, this little guy came out on stage, strapped on a sunburst Les Paul, and walked up to the microphone.


His voice was kind of high.

He was a little guy.

John and I looked at each other….”Who the heck is this little guy?” we said to each other….but before we had much chance to ponder the answer, the little guy started to play his guitar….just this little guy, playing by himself for a moment before his band came out on the stage.

I think that we thought we’d come to see some little fruit.

We were wrong. That “little fruit” could really play.

Oh, goodness. This little guy with the guitar that looked big on him could rip.

I’d never heard anyone play guitar like that.

I know that I’d never seen anyone play guitar like that.

That was the first time I was exposed to Phil Keaggy’s music.

It was a good introduction.

“true believers” Phil Keaggy with Glass Harp

Phil Keaggy is a Christian.

He’s a Christian….and a musician….and a great guitarist….so I guess that makes him a “Christian Musician”.

What a shame that we have to pigeonhole all our “Christian Musicians” like that.

I don’t think that the Christian community is always very good to the performers in the community.

We should be the best at supporting them….but I’ve been pretty cheap with my “sharing” at some of the “love offering” concerts I’ve been to.

Maybe I’m the only one I have to admonish for cheapness…but I don’t think so.

I wonder if it isn’t hard sometimes to be a “big fish” in Christian music?

I think that I heard another Christian….. musician, Mark Heard, address that in a “liner notes” (back when we still had albums) interview. He said something about being a Christian ….and being a musician….but that he didn’t only play Christian music.

It was something like that.

Bruce Cockburn is a good example of that….a Christian who is also a musician.

Anyway, that’s not the main point of this, I guess.

Phil Keaggy is a great guitarist who plays Christian music….and plays guitar.

Some music is just music.

All music can be a prayer.

I really enjoyed getting introduced to Phil Keaggy’s music.

It’s been a big part of my life.


“let everything else go” Phil Keaggy

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