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He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor. proverbs 22:9

A “bountiful eye”.

Man, what a cool phrase.

What’s that about?

Is it being able to see possibility in a world of “lack”?

The last part of the phrase makes me think that it includes using that ability to help the people around us if they need help.

Hmmmmmm…..there’s some responsibility in it. That makes it harder……

Is it being able to recognize the blessings in our own lives…and having enough gratitude for them that we allow our “blessings” to help those in need?

I think that we can train ourselves to see blessings….to see the good around us.

It’s only perspective, after all.

That’s a malleable thing….we should be able to control how we see the world.

Gratitude shouldn’t be a rare commodity.

A “bountiful eye”…..

That’s beautiful.

Something to shoot for.

The heater in my car is a little bit messed up right now.

The blower motor went out….and then the “zone control” got messed up somehow….so when I ordered another used motor (from Corvallis OR….try finding parts for a right hand drive mail jeep….it’s hard) all I ended up with was the default setting…..defrost.

Defrost dries my eyes out.

But….what a blessing to have some kind of heat source when it gets really cold around here.

I’ll fix the rest of the problems….but it is amazing to have something warm blowing anywhere when the weather turns bad.

I see that.

I see it.

I know it.

Now….I could concentrate on how things still aren’t right…..because….they still aren’t right.

It doesn’t blow where it’s supposed to go.

But…it blows.

It blows hot and steady.

I don’t have a bountiful eye yet. I don’t help the poor. I don’t do anything that I remember to help anybody.

Maybe I do….but I don’t remember.

But….what a thing to shoot for.

What an ability….to notice the good around me….to┬ápay attention to my blessings….and to learn how to always pass them along to the people around me.


“Bountiful eye”….that is so cool.

Maybe I’ll start with trying to figure that out.

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