I’m Not Going Anywhere

Here’s a “road movie” that starts out close to some land we own out in Idaho.

That land is just sitting there….like it’s sat there since my father moved away as a young man.

When Dad passed away, I inherited it.

My cousin and his family lives on a lower section….but our chunk is just sitting there…..waiting for something.

I talk about movement….about travel….about pulling up and going….and I think that it kind of freaks Jenny out a little.

I’m not going anywhere.


Now, if I could figure out a way to be planted firmly and still exercise the constant wanderlust, I’d do it.

In a heartbeat.

If I could present the impression of being rock solid and a fine citizen….but still have the converted school bus that circumnavigates, I would pack it up and take this family on the road….wake up in a different place every morning….the hot breath and a cloud of vapor at the opening of our sleeping bags in the morning…..a new sunrise and a life of constant amazement every day.

But….who could withstand a life of constant amazement?

We’d burst if we got too happy.

We couldn’t take that.

There must be a reason that we wait on heaven….too much of a good thing here on earth would drive us crazy.

I read another article about how sitting kills you early.


I sit and drive around in circles….stopping every hundred yards to open another metal box.

Sitting and stopping….some kind of weird metaphor….the same circle everyday.

Oh, well….who doesn’t travel in the same circle?

Mine’s just so constant and obvious that I can’t ignore it.

This sitting thing concerns me.

It bothers me.

I think that it bothers Jenny that it bothers me.

I think that she might think that I’m a hypocrite…..no….that’s not the word….A HYPOCHONDRIAC!! THAT’S THE WORD…..

She may think that I’m a hypocrite, too.

If somebody tells me that I should worry about something, there’s a good chance that I’ll take them up on it.

If I ever doubt whether or not I’m good at anything, I should remember my worrying skills.

Ahhhhh, what the heck? I can’t worry about that right now.

I have big fish to fry.

Today starts the mail count.

That’s something we do at the post office so that management can tell how much they can take away from us.

I’m the only one in the office who didn’t “opt out”….so, I’m the only one who’s counting.

That was stupid.

There’s a danger in knowing how big the world is….when you’re anchored by your mind.

Anchored by your mind…..and then there’s this MONEY THING.

Just whining ….early in the morning whining.

I read an interview with Martin Short….and when they asked him about money, he said, “It’s there to be spent. I like picking up checks and things. I know from any woman I’ve ever talked to that there’s nothing less sexy than a cheap man.”

Jenny must really love me.

I’m so cheap.

I like this movie.

It’s a good thing to travel.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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