hippies on a houseboat

This was one of those late night discoveries when I couldn’t sleep and turned to PBS in the hopes of finding something interesting to watch that didn’t feel like a total waste of my time.

I do waste some time watching bad TV.

This wasn’t bad TV.

Atchafalaya Houseboat.…from 2008.

(Although, my version didn’t have a couple of really long “pledge breaks”. Dangit, PBS. Just when I was bragging about how I didn’t have to watch “bad TV”….along comes a pledge break.)

Of course, I missed the beginning….and trying to find it in the schedule again so I could see the parts that I missed is pretty much impossible.

Anyway….long and boring story a little bit shorter….here I find it on YouTube a couple of years later….and can watch the complete documentary.

Good for you, YouTube.


Does anyone else remember watching Andy Griffith sit in Floyd’s barber chair….poring over a copy of the National Geographic magazine….dreaming out loud about the strange world “out there”?

Mount Pilot was pretty exotic….Raleigh was forever away….it didn’t take much to be different than Mayberry.

But…he didn’t pine for what he didn’t have.

I think that he was amazed by what he thought might be “out there”….but he knew where he belonged.

He bloomed where he was planted….but not because he had to work hard at “blooming”.

I think that maybe it was just because he felt like he belonged where he was.

It could be on a houseboat….if that’s “your place”.

It could be where I am right now.

Belonging….that’s kind of a choice, isn’t it?

I loved seeing these people living out on the river.

It’s good to see some different options, sometimes.

Living on a houseboat is another “good one”.

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