Rock Star with a Trombone

I heard a show that (part of it, at least) was about Glenn Miller the other day and when I came home I told Jenny about hearing it.

She said something like, “Oh… must have enjoyed that. That’s your style of music….”

She likes to tease me about being old….now that I’m coming up on “being old”.

Ha ha.


Anyway….this blog isn’t completely about meeeeeeeeeeeee.

This time it’s about Glenn Miller.

Did you know that he got the first “gold record” for selling a bunch of copies of “Chattanooga Choo Choo”?

Or that he had 72 top ten hits between 1939 and 1943?


What the heck?

That’s like “rock star” kind of stuff….before there was such a thing as a “rock star”.

Did you know that he was 40 years old when he went missing in action in 1944?

We can talk about Kanye wanting to jump up on the stage again when Beyonce doesn’t win some award…..but this Glenn Miller guy was the real DUDE.

He makes all these pop stars today look like a bunch of punks.

Kanye jumping up on something again to shoot his mouth off…..phewwwwwwwwww.

Glenn Miller is the DUDE.

I’ve heard people talk about the “greatest generation”……maybe they’re almost right?

Of course, I think that my generation is pretty good…..but this Glenn Miller guy…..mannnnnnnnnn.

This stuff ROCKS!!

And… some point in my life….I want my card playing buddies to start harmonizing when I come up to share a tune with them.

How cool would that be?

Maybe that’s what heaven will be like…..harmonizing “How do you dos” in greeting?

Who knows?


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