I’m the Monster

Yesterday I wrote about an assuring pat.

Last night, I guess that I had a different sort of experience.

I wake up to all sorts of different weirdnesses.

We have little kids again….so the opportunity for the random event increases everyday.

When I woke up, Sparrow was in the middle of the bed (again….it was a cold night….about 7 degrees) and she was mewling a little bit.

Not “terrified mewling”….more apprehensive, “why did you wake me up…..and what is that” kind of mewling.

Not “I’M FREAKING OUT!!! I’M A BABY!!! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!!” mewling….more like “gentle rain” sort of mewling…..just a little midnight cry out….just loud enough to wake the parents up.

(“Mewling” …it just hit me what a funny word that is….)

I must have woke up a little bit behind¬†Jenny….because when I woke up, I heard Jenny softly telling Sparrow, “Shhhhhh…..it’s alright….it’s alright….you’re OK. It was just Daddy snoring.”

“It’s just Daddy snoring.”

I’m the monster.

I guess that’s just the way it goes, though. Sometimes I’m a hero….a comfort….and sometimes I’m a MONSTER.

You just can never tell which way it’s going to go.

Of course, I’m asleep when I’m snoring….so I might even be deluded and unaware enough to think something like, “What? I don’t even snore. Who is she talking about?”

I think that I probably snore.

I think that I probably do a lot of things that I’m unaware of.

Asleep or awake…..I have a feeling there’s a lot that I don’t notice about myself.

Maybe good and bad….I’m not noticing things that other people can easily see.

That’s the way it goes, though.

Complete self-awareness and self-knowledge would be super creepy.

Who wants to think about themselves all the time, anyway?

Hah!! Maybe…..like… EVERYBODY?!!¬†

I think that we fascinate ourselves….fascinate and repulse, maybe.

Last night, I was the snoring monster.

I must “do right” occasionally, though, because when Jenny explained that it was just me, Sparrow went right back to sleep.

Either, I do enough “right” to assure that it’s alright to be around me….or….oh, no….maybe people just get used to the weirdness and decide to accept it because it just won’t go away….so they know they have to just put up with it? Maybe…..?

Nahhhhh…..I must be doing something right if people are so quick to forgive my monsterish behavior.

Who knew that I snore, anyway?


Everyone….except me.

I’m asleep.


(As far as that YouTube video goes, I think that I’d rather snore for a lifetime than have that creepy guy appear in my bedroom. It’s just wrong…..)

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