ice isn’t nice….but snow is mo’ bettah?

tropical snow

We had a warm day and a melt off yesterday.

That was like a cooler version of minor league Heaven…..being able to drive around again on the black top….feeling the tires take purchase wherever I drove.

That was pretty wonderful.

I take so much for granted….all the time.

Traction is one of the things that I’ve grown used to.

It freaks me out to think that because my tires start to spin, and then the Jeep starts to slide, and then the Jeep (possibly) starts to slide faster, and then….in my worst imaginings, starts to slide over the edge of something tall and high….it freaks me out that the traction I’ve grown to love has failed me.

I hate sliding disappointments.

I woke up to snow this morning.

The weather folks told me it might snow a little…..but everything is white in my neighborhood….so I guess it snowed “enough”.

It snowed “just right”.

That’s what I’d say if I was a bear in a story.

But….I’m me….and instead I’ll say, to myself…”$%@#!!!!!!! SNOW!!! AGAIN!!!!    #$#%%^^@&&!!!!”

Those weird words are “curse words”… “dang” and “darnit”.

But, you know what? Snow really is “mo’ bettah”.

It’s “gentle slippery”.

I can deal with “gentle slippery” a lot better than I can deal with a solid and thick sheet of ice.

A solid sheet of ice is “Devil Slippery”.

School is closed today, though….even if it’s a gentle kind of slippery.



(I’m kidding….I know the rule….and I know my role.)


Who would have thought that after that brief respite that I’d have another round of slippery stuff to work around so soon?

Life sure can be crazy sometimes….even if it’s only the weather.

“amid the falling snow” Enya





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