fields of vanilla ice cream


I don’t know.

I suspect that maybe Sparrow was thinking, “I know what ice cream looks like. I know what this stuff looks like. It’s cold like ice cream. I’m going to eat it.”

Or maybe she was just thinking, “I’m going to eat some of that SNOW.”

She’s pretty smart….I should give her credit for recognizing something she’d never really seen before.

“Never really seen before…..”

That’s pretty wild to think about.

All is fresh….all is new….everything an adventure.

And you get to take a nap whenever you want, too.

It has the potential to be a pretty big life….if the “big ones” hold up their end of the bargain and take care of the “new one” like they should.

The NEW ONE!!! Like some little astronaut…..wobbling around, thinking, “take me to your leader….”

Somebody’s got to be in charge here.

This snow sounds like it was the precursor to a much bigger snow.

This snow, they predicted about an inch and it seems like we got about 5″.

The snow that’s coming on Thursday is predicted to be about 7″… I suspect, given the ratios established earlier, that we should have about 35″ of snow.

That’s pretty deep.

That’s pretty deep…..and until you taste it for the first time, you never can tell… may be ice cream after all.

35″ is a lot of ice cream.

I better get my spoon ready.

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