more of the same


My routine is consistent.

Up between 4:30 and 5….roll out of bed as quietly as possible so that I don’t wake anyone up…turn on the computer so it can boot up while I’m in the kitchen….pad downstairs past the other bedrooms…..again, as quietly as possible so that I don’t wake anyone up….feed the cat …..lay out my vitamins….get half a coffee cup of juice…put on the water for coffee….take my vitamins….rinse out the cup….put some half & half in my cup….pour the boiling water into the french press…..and take it all upstairs to quietly do what ever it is I do in the morning.

And then……sit at my desk and write this blog and listen to music on Spotify.

That’s what I do.

Sometimes I rail against this consistency that I set in motion.

We have some unused passports that need to be warmed up.

I need to get some stamps on those empty pages.

But….I do the same thing every quiet chunk of morning that I can ease into.

I like it when it’s quiet for a moment.

I was thinking about that low-level “quiet desperation” that I notice sometimes….that nagging sense of dissatisfaction…..wanderlust….need for speed….for movement….for something fresh and unexpected.

I feed that….and I shouldn’t.

If I’m going to do something, I need to just do it.

Just like a shoe….just do it.

Just do it….and if I’m only planning to do something, don’t cripple myself with thoughts of how boring things are and how much I wish things were different.

That’s crazy.

That’s crazy nuts to think like that…..

The thing that hit me this morning as I was doing my morning french press habit was that it is such a blessing to have pleasant routines…. that can become a routine.

What a blessing that is!

Like manna from heaven that I haven’t started complaining about yet.

I have these habits….routines….that I follow for the sake of efficiency.

I don’t think it’s because of a lack of imagination or energy….it’s just quiet and pleasant to make my coffee and then sit for a while before everybody gets up.

Sometimes “same” is OK.

It’s OK to find myself living a life where I have the choice to do the same thing every morning.

It’s good to have an income….to have a place to go…something to do….A FAMILY WHO LOVES ME….no matter how monotonous I mistakenly think the “routine” seems sometimes.

When I really dig deep into what’s going on…..I remember that it’s really all my choice.

What do I have to be bothered by?



“simple man” Graham Nash

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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