roots all the way down


People get nervous when you talk about movement….when it’s movement away from something.

How bad must things be if all you seem to do is talk about how enticing it is to think about “getting away”?

I guess it’s all a question of motivation.

If your motivation is escape, the leaving can be a little bit circumspect. It doesn’t always make sense when you move towards something just to get away from something else.

“Running from” and “running to” are two different things.

My roots are deep….but I do wonder what’s “out there” in the world, sometimes.

I wonder what’s out there….not because anything that I have is bad….or even anything worthy of indifference.

What I have is AMAZING.

I have employment that supports my family….we’re healthy and without fail….usually….very happy.

We are the picture of “blessed”.

I don’t have a thing to complain about….even if sometimes I seem capable of digging up some twist on it all that feels like something “common” that needs to be escaped.

There’s nothing here to escape.

This is a world to celebrate….not one to lay down in a fetal position in and just endure. It’s a good world….and a good life….and, hey….even if it wasn’t so good right now….it could always get better.

There’s still time for things to get “even mo’ bettah”.

I wonder what’s out there….not because I’m pessimistic about “what is”….but because I’m optimistic about what might be.

Figuring out how to get to “even more amazing” from “amazing” is a trick.

Sometimes it’s a journey you have to take inside your own head.

Sometimes a good cup of coffee is enough to make “where you’re planted” look pretty darn good.

Sometimes a good cup of coffee just makes you feel kind of jittery.

I kind of like coffee.

I guess that when you get down to it, you can spend a lifetime feeling dissatisfied with “what is”….sure that you must be missing something….or that you were dealt a bad hand and your life didn’t even begin to approach what MIGHT HAVE BEEN…or WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED…or, even, in some twist of logic…..WHAT YOU WERE PROMISED WOULD HAPPEN TO YOU….but “didn’t” happen the way that you think that it should have.

You can spend a lifetime looking for the key to the whole puzzle….something that drops into your lap with no effort…..some gifted birthright that you can finally claim if everyone else just gets out of your way.

You can burrow deep into your own head and thoughts until all you can see is the dirt around your roots….until all you can feel is how you can’t move for all the darkness surrounding you.

A person can spend a lifetime looking for something elusive and illusionary….and get to the end and realize that while you looked away for that long searching moment, you missed all the good stuff that was right with you all along.

All you can see areĀ the roots….to the point where you forget the “tree above the surface”.

Nah…..there’s no quiet desperation here.

I’m planted deep…..but my leaves still blow in the breeze.

My leaves blow gentleĀ and free.

Like all those t-shirts say…..”Life is Good”,


“try to forget” Willy Porter

About Peter Rorvig

I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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