the dash between

I watched one of the last Robin Williams movies on Netflix the other day.

If you look it up on Rotten Tomatoes, you’ll find that it didn’t get very good reviews.

Critical people found a lot to dislike about this movie.

angriest man in brooklyn

I guess that most of the reviews are right….maybe.

It’s not the best movie that I’ve ever seen.

It’s far from being the worst movie that I’ve ever seen, though.

I have watched a lot of movies that were worse than this one.

Robin Williams’ character, Henry Altman, is an angry man who finds out at the beginning of the movie that he has a brain aneurysm.

He responds in his typical self-centered and angry way to the Doctor who is filling in for another physician….and she responds inappropriately to his demands to know how much time he has by telling him that he has “90 minutes to live”.

What follows are his angry attempts….with a ticking time bomb of an aneurysm in his head…to scramble around the city and make things “right” before his 90 minutes are up and it’s time for him to go.

I guess it’s kind of like a really foul-mouthed and mean-spirited “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Of course, the doctor, played by Mila Kunis, spends the movie trying to find Henry so that she can tell him that the “90 minutes” she’d told him about earlier was not a true diagnosis….and was just the result of her exasperated response to his consistently nasty disposition.

Henry learns his lesson in the 90 minutes he spends trying to heal all the damage he’s produced during his lifetime.

That was pretty predictable.

Who would let a movie end as mean-spirited as it began?

That wouldn’t be very appealing.

Maybe it got too sentimental? I don’t know….

I kind of like sentimental.

There was this one scene with his son towards the end of the movie (and his life) where he mentions that it’s not the edges of the life….the dates….but the dash in between the dates that matters.

I liked that.

I guess that this movie, like most things, has some good and some bad elements.

And…like most things….maybe the good parts carried the movie for me.

That “dash” thing…..that’s the truth, huh?

It’s “a” truth, at least.

“The dash”…….hmmmmmm.




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