goats and the sunshine


Something about the light…..overcast and perfect.

It’s hard to tell how a photograph is going to turn out until you stop to look at it later.

A grey day can be magic in the right light.

Sometimes you just need a little distance….or something…to realize that.

A picture is never the “thing” anyway….it’s just a marker for your memory.

We went to look at the goats and to hike around a while back….must have been in the Fall….the weather turning cool enough warm enough for sweatshirts, so it must have been the Fall. (PS….or….not.)

“The Fall”….with a capital “F”.

( a post script….Jenny told me that it was February. Dang. Talk about paying attention….or not. It was February….February with a capital “F”.)

Jenny said I took too many pictures of the goats walking away….that goat rear ends weren’t really photogenic.


I couldn’t help it….no, that sounds wrong….I don’t have any weird compulsion to take pictures of goat’s rear ends.

I mean that I couldn’t get them to pose right.

That’s what I mean.

There’s so much that I take for granted.

Goat’s rears Lots of things….for example, how easy it is to forget to take a picture.

I don’t miss photo opportunities because I’m paying such close attention that I can’t be bothered with a camera.

I don’t pay such close attention.

I don’t know what I’m usually thinking about…..but I don’t always pay attention.

Jenny’s good about taking pictures…but I forget to get the camera.

I guess that if you have enough experience with taking pictures, you’re going to know what the light will bring.


You’ll know what it means to stand under a sky that might let the rain come down.

Most of the time….for me, at least…it’s all just a mystery.

When I see the picture, I understand how it all turned out.






“home (cover)” the Gardiner Sisters




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