Who needs more money?

The guy without any money?

The guy with a bunch of money?

Who needs to watch another video about money?

I never really cared all that much about money.

It’s probably a good indicator that, growing up, my “needs” were always met….as needed.

You don’t get to the point where you can take money for granted if you grow up needing it.

I never really worried about money all that much.

I never really cared all that much about money….ever.

Except for that one time on the Hocus Pocus show, when I had 4 pennies and I needed a nickel to buy a chicken, the lack of money didn’t really affect me all that much.

My game was figuring out how to avoid spending it.

If I didn’t spend much….I didn’t need much.

When you have a family, your attitudes about money change.

My attitudes change.

The weird thing about money is that now it’s even more of a “ghost” than it ever was.

It’s all out there in the “cloud”….floating around somewhere in the air….on a hard drive somewhere.

It’s a ghost that someone will chase you down to get a firm grip on.

If you owe someone else a piece of the ghost, they’ll badger you until you give up your chunk of the cloud.


The funny thing about it all is that if I could figure out how to put this:


in the right order….in the right context….at the right time…..we could be rolling in the soft and welcoming cloud of the ghost.

That’s some wacky stuff, that….

That’s kooky.

Now….a match and a little pile of tinder on a freezing day is worth a whole lot more than a bunch of “1’s” and “0’s” to me.

That makes sense.

I’d rather have a good pair of work boots than a pile of money.

But….a pile of money….or a bunch of pieces of the cloud….could buy us all a pair of work boots.

It could buy me a pair of boots….or some magic beans.

Anyway….money’s not the wheel….it’s just the grease.

I’m not going to figure out money in less than 500 words.

It’s Spring here….green and new….coming back again after a short winter.

You can’t buy that.

You can’t buy a fresh start that’s given away for free every year.

Most of the really good stuff can’t be purchased.

So why do we chase the cloud?

What’s that about?


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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