one gallon at a time

I buy movement….one gallon at a time.

I move in circles….slowly and deliberately….mailbox by mailbox.

One big circle….out and back…..71.25 miles.

I don’t get much distance for my gallon of movement juice.

(“Movement juice”? What a benign way to describe something so damaging to the environment….)

It’s an inefficient way to get anywhere.

Maybe that’s not the goal….”getting anywhere”.

I guess that you could be “getting somewhere” even if you feel like you’re only standing still.

The world spins….and the place that it comes back to is different from the place it left when it started its rotation.

I know that sometimes when I buy my gas, it’s to go somewhere that feels more like I’m getting somewhere.

It’s good to have some contrast.

If I only knew the 70 mile turnaround, I’d be missing something good.

Of course, I could be standing in a factory line again, putting the same part on the same thing, attaching the wire that might let it work somewhere else on down the line….I could be doing something like that….inside and oblivious to the world and the weather….I could be doing something like that….instead of growing more familiar with my 70 miles of earth.

So….I’m not complaining….really.

“bird song” Heather Masse


I need to scratch my “itchy feet” every now and then, though.

We need a good road trip.

I need to wake up someplace strange….soon.

With a family, you can’t really just load up the limes and get on the ship….push off from the shore and see what’s on the other side of the uncharted ocean….

You can’t do that with a family.

You can’t do that with a family….right?


I bet that you could do just about anything with a family.

It’s good to have some money with a family, though.

You better take care of the details….like food and new shoes….a roof over our heads.

I guess that I don’t need to go anywhere to occasionally “wake up someplace strange”.

Man, I do love movement….I love seeing different places.

One gallon at a time….that’s the way I do it now.

“i quit my job”  Old Man Luedecke



But….how about this…..with a family?

Circling back around on my fully loaded, 26″ wheel bicycle to check on the little ones on their unloaded 14″ wheel bicycles….seeing what kind of progress they’re making getting up the big Idaho grade.

(I’m kidding…you don’t put a baby on their own bike.)


Why not?

There’s a will, there’s a will, there’s a will…..

Is there a way?



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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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