cold rolling

I knew a couple of seconds after I stepped on it that it wasn’t a misplaced pile of chewed gummi bears.


Jenny told me last night….when my blog disappeared….”DON’T SWEAR!!!”

I’m trying.

I’m the first one up most mornings….not counting Sparrow, who is sporadically up all night….so I’m the first one to go downstairs.

Lilly, the cat, hears me on the squeaky top step and jumps up to grab the lip of the door and peer in….yowling….looking at me through the glass in the door….waiting for the food I give her every morning.

This morning, I checked to make sure there wasn’t any fresh meat to step on when I went out on the porch (she leaves mice parts….bird chunks…other things that I’m not sure of….on the mat I have to cross to get to her food….so I try to be careful in my bare feet not to step on anything).

It was dark and I didn’t think that I needed to worry about surprises this morning.

I realized by the time I gave her the can of cat food that there was something stuck to the bottom of my foot….something soft and wet.

That is probably the creepiest way to fully wake up that I know of.

No amount of coffee will take away the sting of waking up to a mouse head stuck to your bare foot.

But….enough about me.

Check this guy out….cycling up in the frozen North.

I have adventures….just not solitary ones like riding a fully loaded bicycle through a blizzard.

I don’t know how I’d explain that to my family.

It wouldn’t be good to have to say, “Take it easy!! Dad’s going to be gone for a couple of months.”

Which is not to say that I don’t make my own sort of adventures.

I introduced Sparrow to an old acquaintance yesterday, and he said, “How old are you going to be when the last one is out of the house?”

I thought for a second and told him, “75….I guess I better stay healthy.”

That’s an adventure….to have little ones late.

That’s quite the adventure.

And….it’s an adventure that doesn’t leave you saddle sore.

That’s my spin on a wheel-less adventure this morning.

Did I tell you about that thing that stuck to my foot?

I wonder what that was?

You can find more about the fellow who made these videos, Iohan Gueorguiev , at his website…

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