more kids on a bike tour

I can’t imagine that the little flag keeps anyone really all that safe.

But, you know? What totem really keeps any of us safe?

It’s what we think keeps us safe that only ever buys us any peace of mind…..

It’s only what we think…..

I’m still trying to figure out this “cycle touring thing”.

I’m not going off somewhere by myself, either….so what I’m really working at figuring out right now is how to do it all with children.

What parent hasn’t had to figure out how to “do it all with children” before?

It’s an age-old quest.

I read a blog post recently in my searches for information where the guy writing it had the attitude that you needed to “just get on the bike”…..and, you know…..he was right.

Don’t overthink all this stuff….just work at getting on the bike…as often as you can….just….like Nike said….and what’s become a saying we can’t use anymore without being connected to Nike somehow…..just “do it”.

Nothing all that hard.

Of course, it’s better somehow if you know what you’re doing….if you have the right equipment…if your bikes are cleaned and in good repair….but lacking any of that…..the breeze is going to feel good on your cheek inbetween breakdowns and minor disasters.

Jenny helped me do some automotive repair last night.

She’s a little more clear-headed than I am, sometimes.

Most times, actually.

I get low blood sugar or something….start running around like a headless chicken….crashing through the china shop…..figuring out how to do things the most frenetic and willy-nilly way I can…..causing a commotion where there doesn’t need to be any conflict….and then she reaches out and takes the part and puts it where it needs to be and says, “You need to calm down. You need to go eat something….”

She told me that if we’re going to do any of this cycle camping that we needed to be sure that we worked together at it.


I better learn how to do that better.

I better not get so frantic…..chill out some.

If I’m going to be out on the road with a small tool kit and some bicycles and some little kids….I better get better at holding it all together when things hit the fan.

I better learn to not squeal like a stuck pig when I have to roll with what I think are solid punches.

This bicycle touring thing could be so good if I can figure it out.

At any rate, even if I can’t figure out how to do it, it’s a fantastic excuse to buy some more gear.

Buying stuff….I’m good at that.

That part I can handle.



“old pine” Ben Howard

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