Another Rob Penn Video

Here’s a talk that Rob Penn gave a while ago.

Rob Penn is the fellow who did the video yesterday about building his perfect bike….who visited all the bike part factories to see how the parts were made….and who took us along for the ride.

I’m kind of locked in to this bicycling thing right now, for some reason.

Maybe it’s the freedom….maybe it’s what I imagine is the peace of being out on a quiet vehicle….maybe it’s something else.

I don’t really know.

It’s nice to be out on a bike.

This guy is pretty entertaining to me….seems pretty smart….seems to be a great “bicycle ambassador”.

Some of his comments could be applied to a lot more than bicycles…..thoughts on quality and tradition and having something good that lasts.

His thoughts on hand-made items are important.

This video is about more than just the bike.

“More than just the bike”…..

Nate got up about 1/2 hour after I did….which would be about 2 hours earlier than he needed to get up.

He crawled up on to my lap and told me that he wanted to watch YouTube videos….and when I told him that wasn’t going to happen, he got mad.

Things escalated until I was quietly yelling at him to be quiet…..and now he’s in the room with Jenny….and I’m here typing.

No…..that’s no longer true. Now both of the kids are out with me…..out in my “quiet zone”.

Who am I kidding…none of us really has a “quiet zone” in this house….no matter how early we get up.

It doesn’t matter how late we stay up, either.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything….but it’s not quiet now.

So….when I say that it would be nice to be out on a bike….I guess that I mean it.

My bike has a “tagalong” bike that we hook up to it now….Nate and I are a fused unit….a weird compromise that is sort of like a flexible tandem bike….Nate on the back….pedaling and squirming in his seat… up front trying to stay upright with each weird shift of the weight of Nate’s one wheeled bike….seeing stuff with Nate….

I hope he can see things (around my back) in front of him.

Maybe “quiet” is overrated? I’ll have plenty of room for quiet in the future, I suppose.

I know I’ve already had a bunch of quiet years when it was “just me”.

I can deal with a little noise now.

I wouldn’t know what to do with the quiet, anyway.

No….that’s not true.

Quiet’s good….every now and again.

Quiet’s good.


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