Rob Penn’s New Bike

Here’s a video about a guy putting his perfect bike together…..kind of a contemporary historical travelogue.

Maybe it’s a consumeristic travelogue?

That’s a pared down and weak description of what’s going on here.

Rob Penn….buying the best and talking about a lot of bike history and design while he’s doing it.

Check out the section on bike tire construction and manufacture…..pretty cool.

(I know….I know….it sounds boring as h….. ….heck, but it’s pretty cool to think that making something as mundane as a bike tire….could be such an interesting process….interesting to someone…..)

What the heck? It’s all interesting.

Maybe that’s the secret of life? Maybe it’s important to always have something in your life that you find interesting?

Everything’s interesting to me.

That’s kind of a problem.

(You know, though? That’s not really true…..there are lots of things that I don’t find all that interesting. For instance, I don’t really care about Kanye and Kim all that much….what they do with their lives is their own business….why should I add that to the list of things that I care about? I don’t care about them.)

The middle section in this short video….about 30 minutes in….is about mountain bikes.

Old hippies having fun on Mt. Bikes out in California.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

This world is an amazing place.

There’s never an excuse for boredom.

Nice bike, Rob Penn!


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