amsterdam….ride a bike

Woke up late and the little ones will be up soon and….and…..and….

I’ve had some coffee and I better ROCK THIS POST!!!!

Another video about bicycling in Amsterdam…..cycling in the Netherlands.

This is looking more and more like the coolest country I’ve ever seen….cycling wise, at least.

How a country treats its children…..and animals (children are far from being animals….I don’t mean that….they can act like little animals sometimes, but they aren’t animals…)….and how they handle their bicycling “situation”….um…..says a lot of good things about a country.

Here’s a parallel that’s kind of interesting, too….how about the drug laws?

Now, that’s irrelevant to me….I go drug free….even aspirin is off the “approved list” and I know that I haven’t been getting into the steroids….I’m too skinny for that….but….a country that doesn’t send all its people to the slammer for enjoying a visit to the “coffee shop” (look it up…it’s where these guys go to SMOKE MARIJUANA!!!) sounds like a more humane place to live than a place where you can get tazed because an aggressive dog smells something in your car.

(Where do you go to get a good cup of coffee in Amsterdam? I’d have to figure that out if I ever got a chance to ride my bike over there….)

Anyway….all this drug stuff is irrelevant to bicycling….but it seems like the people who support cycling are pretty mellow folks.

I don’t hear a lot about road rage coming from the cyclists side….although I remember a dude in lycra wailing on our lab with his bike pump…while his girlfriend screamed “LET’S GO!!! JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! LET’S GO!!!” because the young dog was barking at him as he rode by….and I guess it scared him.

That dude was full of rage.

I think it embarrassed his girlfriend.

I think that FEAR and RAGE must be similar emotions.

Anyway…Nate is up and on my lap and I can’t see to type and the morning IS ON!!!

Ahhhhh…..I miss him already…..he just went downstairs to get the instructions for a Baymax doll…..

It’s easier to type, though.

It would be cool to feel like a bicycle had any status (on the road) other than being an irritation to the people in their cars.

It would be cool to get a cup of coffee in Amsterdam after a ride around the city.

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