I like trains….I like bikes.

Not everyone I know is very supportive of the Rails to Trails idea.

I know people who say that we can’t tear up the tracks…that when Armageddon comes, we’ll want to get the trains back up and running to carry survival supplies from burned out settlement to burned out settlement.

That’s kind of nuts.

It’s like all the clothes people save….because “someday, I might fit into them again….”

Maybe these trains are never coming back?

I know that the tracks around our neighborhood have a pretty good coating of rust on the rails.

I don’t think that a train has run on any of them for quite a while.

The thing about it is….I like trains.

They’re a very efficient way to carry a load.

It’s cool to ride on a train.

It’s a lot more fun than riding around in the car again.

It makes all the sense in the world to keep the trains that are running now….running.

That makes sense.

But, look at these converted rail lines! Look at what it could mean for a community to have a recreational option like these trails! It’s pretty exciting when you see something like the Swamp Rabbit Trail and realize what it’s meant for the communities along the trail.

It seems like a good thing.

It seems like something that I’d like to see happen in our area.

Here’s a video of some trails out West….the Couer d’Alene trail must pass close to the old home place in Idaho.

One of the comments that the woman doing the first video made was that a nationwide trail system would have taken away some of the “dangerous” elements they experienced during their ride….when they ran into troubles on the road.

I’m going to look into what the hold up is in getting the old Ecusta line from Hendersonville to Brevard converted into a rails to trails route.

What’s taking them so long to do that?


Here’s an organization set up to convert unused rail lines to trails….


This would be a good thing to have something like that in our area.




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