life wish

Dean Potter died the other day.

I suppose that some people would look at the type of activities he did and think that he had a death wish.

Watch that first video…he didn’t have a death wish.

Maybe what he had was a “life wish”….and death hung around in the background while he was doing some heavy living.

I guess that death is hanging around in the background for all of us, though.

Nothing too morbid about that, really.

It’s just the way things roll.

Lately, I feel like I cheated something when I can get out of the grocery store without some kind of meltdown.

And….that’s just me.

Forget the meltdowns that the babies might have.

I guess that we all have our ways of pushing limits.

No one would want to watch a video of me trying to calm the kids down in Walmart, though.

Dean Potter was a great athlete….out in the world….having fun …and pushing limits.

I don’t think I’ve heard yet what really happened on that base jumping trip.

I don’t know if anybody knows what happened yet.

Man….this dude “ate life”, didn’t he?


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