Thankyou, Mr. Martin

Ah, mannnnnn….Martin Sexton!

So great.

I’ve posted about him before….and I’ll post about him again….but here’s another nice little live performance that shows what he can do.

I appreciate guys like this so much….in these days of ProTools and autotuning and never knowing what you’re hearing when you listen to anything on the radio now.

I got up late this morning….so there’s no time or need for a rant about not trusting what I hear now.

Rants get old, anyway.

If all you have going for you is a quick triggered semi-righteous indignation…..that’s not so good….not so great.

Martin Sexton deserves more than some middle-aged (!) dude ranting about the music industry.

He’s so consistent….so funny….such a good writer.

Just great.

Check Martin Sexton out….he’s one of the good ones.

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