move the cord


“Oh, no. He’s telling that story again.”

“Mom….he’s telling that story again.”

Well, of course I am.

That’s the beauty of a story like that….it hangs around forever.

That’s a good thing.

When my daughter was born….20 years ago today….the doctor held her up after a long delivery….a delivery that completely wore me out (I’m kidding….Jenny did all the hard stuff)….anyway….the doctor held her up and asked, “OK, Daddy….what did you get?”

I couldn’t tell.

There wasn’t any pink bows.

The umbilical cord was in the way.

The umbilical cord was obscuring the identifying features.

I tentatively said, “Ummmmm…..a boy?”

That’s when the doctor cut me a break and moved the cord….and I knew the answer….


I am a rocket scientist.

I won’t go into great detail about how I figured it out.

Jenny would have helped me if I couldn’t have gotten the answer right….anyway, I only had two options, probably….I would have gotten it right sooner or later.

20 years ago today.


My little girl is turning into a LADY.

That’s crazy to think what time does.

I guess that she’ll always be my little girl, though…time doesn’t change everything.

No matter how much of a lady she becomes, she’ll always be my little girl.

And, I’m the only one who can really say that.

Anyway….big day for my daughter today.

Big day for my daughter….big day for me, too.

20 years.

That’s a good chunk of good time!

Thanks for that, Zoƫ!!

“benedictus” 2Cellos

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