down the rabbit hole to HELL ITSELF!!

It’s a go-to crutch….the empty head option….the “keep the blog string going”….moving towards 1000 posts….with another cycling video.

A trip across the whole country by bicycle….the whole UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (!!!)….in real time….is pretty boring….even for someone who might be obsessed with that sort of thing.

A video of it….in real time….is even more boring.

It’s boring to watch a video about doing something.

It’s a lot more interesting to actually do something.

Now….in searching for a video that might be shorter and more enticing, I came across this….another video about cycling in Amsterdam.

That’s a cool city….lots of bikes.

I knew that already.

It’s cool in Amsterdam.

We live down the road from some cool places, though.

We live by the road in a cool place.

Hah!! We already live in a cool place!

I’m planted….and… I’m blooming.

But….there’s so many cool places in the world.

Amsterdam is another of them.

All those bikes, though, push it over into a cooler zone, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m digging all these bikes.

Check out this video about some of the free things in Amsterdam….


Now you’re talking.

(I was kidding about the HELL stuff….Amsterdam looks kind of cool….although, some might think that some of the permissive attitudes there push it over into the “Sodom and Gomorrah” category….but ALL THOSE BIKES (!!!!) are what I’m seeing….not the proximity to the Dark Place. It’s the bikes….not the Devil. It’s the bikes. That’s probably just the Devil pulling the wool over my eyes….blinding me with the phantasmagoric panorama of a city filled with bicycles….blinding me with the diversion of two-wheeled fun….blinding me. Darn Devil…, that’s not strong enough….DAMNED DEVIL. The Devil doesn’t ride a bicycle.)

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